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Based in Sydney for more than 20 years I have enjoyed the opportunity of working on many and varied productions, and always look forward to the reward of collaborating with people equally passionate about doing the job well.

        Whether it is a short film, TVC , Doco or feature film I feel privileged each time I look through the eyepiece at a world that comes to life seemingly just for me.

Cinematography is a complex world of lighting, framing and calculation. We look through the eye piece of our camera, through a lens that is chosen to show only what we want to see.


        We choose the focus point and plot the movement to best capture the action, then we decide the angles of light and shadow that are most appropriate to match the mood and style of the script. 

        That is the Cinematographers challenge, job and art. That is also our playground.



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Anthony Jennings


+61 412 327 597